DefenderShield® EMF Protection Blanket


DefenderShield® EMF Protection Blanket

DefenderShield produces top-notch EMF protective gear, and Andri's not allowed to use his laptop on the couch without this blanket protecting his manhood.

Get comfy while staying protected. The DefenderShield Anti-Radiation Blanket shields you from harmful wireless radiation emitted by devices and WiFi.

Made with advanced multi-layered shielding to block up to 99% of EMFs and 5G radiation up to 10GHz. Providing a barrier between you and ambient electromagnetic frequencies from electronics and networks.

The exterior is soft, hypoallergenic bamboo and cotton. Perfect for lazy laptop sessions on the couch, sleep time, travel, or pregnancy. It shields your whole body while also acting as a floating ground to divert electric currents away.

You can relax knowing DefenderShield’s radiation blocking blanket has your back. Over a decade of experience pioneering EMF safety for complete wireless protection.

Stay chill, stay grounded, stay protected. Shield your body from ambient EMFs with the simple comfort of DefenderShield.

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