What is Healthy Holistic Homes?

Miriam Andri Jacinto

Hello, we're Andri, Miriam & Jacinto

Hey there! We're Andri and Miriam, the passionate duo behind Healthy Holistic Homes.

Along with our most dignified sir, Jacinto, we're on a mission to help you transform your home into a genuinely healthy haven that nourishes your wellbeing.

We get it - "healthy home" probably conjures up images of sterile, minimalist interiors full of expensive gadgets.

But creating a healthy home is so much more than that! It's about surrounding yourself with items and spaces that make you feel content and cared for. Your home should be your sanctuary, not a source of harmful toxins and stress.

Our journey began when we fled the frosty winters of Estonia for sunny Portugal, eager to embrace island life to the fullest. We found a cute little cottage by the sea that seemed positively idyllic...until the headaches, rashes and fatigue set in.

Turns out there was a massive mold infestation lurking behind those pretty walls and tile counters! We evacuated immediately once we discovered the severity, but the damage was done. Andri endured a long road to recovery after the exposure.

We realized in that moment how dangerously easy it is to overlook threats in a home you assume is safe. We became passionate about empowering others to shed assumptions and intentionally create dwellings that nourish wellbeing.

Since then, we've devoted ourselves to deep-diving into all aspects of healthy home creation - from sourcing non-toxic furnishings to understanding proper ventilation. We're here to distill our hundreds of hours of research into simple, affordable guidance so you don't have to go it alone.

At Healthy Holistic Homes, we believe every small step towards a healthier home compounds over time to profoundly impact your health and happiness.

We're thrilled to be your guides on this journey!

Our promise to you

Cleaning up your environment can be time-consuming and costly. We dedicate our time to researching, talking to experts, and evaluating our findings, so you don't have to. We don't promise that all the solutions will be free. Instead, we bring you solutions that are, to our best knowledge, the most reliable and the most cost-efficient. Living healthy does not need to break your bank account or fill up your calendar.

The team behind Healthy Holistic Homes

Both of us are independent researchers and experts in different areas of health and wellness. We've already been working in this space for several years; Andri has published his first book “Mastering Fasting” this year, and Miriam specialises in all things related to female health. Jacinto is in charge of ensuring we don't sit behind the glowy boxes on our desks for too long and takes us for carefully scheduled walks. A proper health advocate!

Let's embark on it together. Your dream healthy home awaits!