PlushBeds Organic & Non-Toxic Sleep


PlushBeds Organic & Non-Toxic Sleep

PlushBeds produces organic, non-toxic & sustainable mattresses, beds, pillows, bedding and that will guarantee you good restful sleep!

You spend a third of life asleep - make it count with PlushBeds. Their organic latex mattresses and bedding are handcrafted for blissful, healthy sleep.

PlushBeds starts with the purest materials that pass the world's most stringent health standards. Certified organic latex, cotton and wool - free of pesticides, chemicals and toxins.

Their botanical mattresses sleep cool, cradle your body in comfort, and last 2-3x longer than synthetic foams. While natural fibers and organic latex create a clean airflow for fresh, clean sleep.

Dream easy knowing PlushBeds is healthier for you and the planet. Their materials and practices are sustainably and ethically sourced.

Invest in your wellbeing. One third of your life deserves organic sleep crafted to the highest standards of purity. Experience the difference 100 risk-free nights can make.

The finest natural materials, handcrafted for a lifetime of luxurious sleep. Discover your best rest, naturally, with PlushBeds.

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