Quinton Isotonic & Hypertonic Bundle


Quinton Isotonic & Hypertonic Bundle

A superior mineral blend with a rich history that provides all the essential biological elements and trace minerals.

Feel the difference Quinton makes. This ‘liquid life force’ harnesses the power of primordial oceans - containing a full spectrum of bioavailable electrolytes and trace minerals your body recognizes and absorbs instantly.

Just a few drops remineralize and alkalize, promoting energy, resilience and recovery. Many report reduced inflammation, eased anxiety, balanced pH, and protection from EMFs.

Quinton replenishes what modern life depletes. Optimizing cellular function and fluid balance for health from the inside out.

Bring your body into homeostasis with nature’s most compatible substance. Experience the benefits proven for over a century. The revitalizing effects are undeniable.

Add Quinton to your purified water and feel hydration as it was meant to be - supporting every system. Your body instinctively knows. This is the liquid light it has been missing.

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