AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water System


AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Water System

Powerful countertop reverse osmosis water purifier that doesn't have any of the issues related to under-the-counter ones. We even travel with ours.

Clean, pure water is essential in every home, and a countertop water purifier like AquaTru makes it incredibly convenient. With AquaTru, we can enjoy unlimited purified water straight from the tap without any cumbersome installation. Just fill up the sleek, compact reservoir and filtered water is on hand whenever we need it!

I love that AquaTru uses a thorough 7-stage filtration process to remove over 99% of common water contaminants. It takes out things like lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and microplastics that I don't want my family ingesting. The water tastes incredibly fresh and smooth.

Another benefit is the remineralization filter that adds back in beneficial minerals for optimal health. The molecular hydrogen gives the water antioxidant powers too. I can actually feel myself getting properly hydrated when I drink this purified, mineral-rich water.

With the countertop design, we can bring clean water wherever we go. And the digital display lets me know when it's time to quickly swap the filters - a breeze to maintain! For unlimited purified drinking water without the hassle of installation, AquaTru can't be beat. It's an essential upgrade for every home.

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