How Your Surroundings Affect Your Health and Success with Marie Diamond

Episode 001 · 72 min

How Your Surroundings Affect Your Health and Success with Marie Diamond

A conversation with Marie Diamond


Dame Marie Diamond, world renowned Feng Shui and dowsing master, joins us to discuss how the energy and vibrations of our living spaces can profoundly impact our health, relationships, and success.

Dame Marie Diamond, renowned Feng Shui and dowsing master, joins us on the Homesome podcast to discuss the energy and vibrations of our living spaces. She explains what geopathy and dowsing are, how they can affect our health and wellbeing, and simple cures we can implement.

We dive into the history and science behind these ancient arts, myths like ley lines, and why certain places seem to have positive or negative energy. Marie shares tips on positioning your bed, using colors and images in your home consciously, and checking for things like mold before moving in.

Whether you’re a believer or skeptic, this conversation will give you a new perspective on how our surroundings can impact our lives in unseen ways. Tune in to learn practical ways to improve your home’s energy flow and your own alignment.


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Ants will walk over stress zones. So because it creates an energy field when you do that. The penthouses are the worst. That electromagnetic fields affect fungi and mold and spores. You always have to set yourself up that you see the door. So the priority is always the door. At night you don't want to think I'm awake. Then you create space for that person to come and love you. Thinkshui works? All these cathedrals were built on a crossing of positive lines. Is Miriam a woman? And it will open up. Yeah, is Miriam a man? It doesn't move. And as we did that other people started improving their health. That's incredible. The person that lives the highest is the most affected. Do you turn your Wi-Fi off at night? When you move into a place check out do a test before you sign a contract, especially when you buy a house. Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of Homesome Podcast. We have a very special guest today, someone who is very dear to my heart and I've had the privilege to get to know more closely over the years, the lovely Dame Marie Diamond. I met Marie a couple years back during my time at Mine Valley, but I've been exposed to her work years before that as my mom is a huge fan of hers and always pointed out why I shouldn't put things in a certain places because Marie would say it's not good for Feng Shui. Today it feels almost surreal to be sitting at the same table with the globally celebrated Feng Shui Grand Master, Energy Master and Dowsing Master, Marie herself. She has been featured in global phenomena The Secret as the only European master and is recognized around the as a business and spiritual mentor to celebrities, CEOs and top entrepreneurs. Marie is a transformational leader, motivational speaker and international best-selling author with more than 1 million students under her wings and I believe her goal is to reach 500 million people. Marie is also a founding member of the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council which brings together the world's top 100 spiritual coaches and leaders. Marie has been knighted for her humanitarian service and is officially a Dame. She's really someone I look up to in many areas of life, not just work and business related. Marie is also a wonderful mother, grandmother and a wife and I always admired her strong family bond. It really amazes me how on top of everything she does for humanity, she manages to prioritize her family time. At Homesome we put an emphasis on the importance of home from a holistic perspective. We talk a lot about environmental toxins, clean living, organic foods and all that but what people often forget to look at is the way their surroundings are built and organized and I'm not talking only about aesthetics. It's the way our furniture, plants and decorative items are placed and the place where our houses are built can directly affect our energies, health and ultimately how well we do in life. Marie is here to talk to us about the history, science and practices of Feng Shui and dowsing. Whether you're familiar with these terms or not you're in for a real treat. So without further ado Marie, welcome to our show. Hi everyone and welcome to our Homesome Podcast. Today we have a very special guest, a very dear person to us, Marie Diamond. We are going to be talking about environment and Feng Shui, so home, your office and Feng Shui. Just to introduce Marie, I've known Marie for a couple of years now and I really deeply respect her work and everything that she does for the community and for the world. Dame Marie Diamond is a global transformational leader, motivational speaker and an international best-selling author. She has a number of books under her belt and I highly recommend that you go and check them out. We also put them in our show notes. Marie is a world Feng Shui and energy master and has been featured in global phenomena The Secret, which is where you might know her best from. And she's been at The Secret as the only European master. She's recognized around the world as a business and spiritual mentor to celebrities, CEOs and top entrepreneurs worldwide. More than one million people have studied online and in Marie. And interesting fact, Marie has been knighted for humanitarian services and is officially a Dame. So welcome Marie Dame to our podcast. Thank you, I'm so excited to be here today. Very lovely to have you and we already started today with going into our house and you helped us to basically align some of the and make the energy better in the house, especially in our bedroom. That was necessary actually. Which you know we feel really good in our rooms, in our home, but you can always improve. Always can improve. Exactly. And so at home, Sam, you know our listeners are very used to us talking about the environment and non-toxic products and non-toxic cleaning products, air purifiers, and you know we talk a lot about mold, which we're also going to be discussing with you because you have a personal experience with it. But what we often forget is how the environment that we live how we created, how we built it, how it can actually affect our well-being, our mental health, our mood, and also our success. And I know that you also talk a lot about success and how to feng shui your environment, your offices, your homes for greater success. Yeah, indeed. It's very important. Yeah, exactly. And what you were saying as well is we put a lot of emphasis on non-toxic and healthy living environments from the biological point of view, but your angle, which we really want to bring in because Homesum is all about healthy holistic homes. So how does the home feel? How does it affect your subconsciousness? And as we were doing our home tour, let's say I'm more of a left brain thinker. I'm sometimes skeptical with these things, but what completely shocked me is when we were doing the downstairs bedroom tour for we were showing you the bedroom we sleep in and you asked me about my shoulder. And that shocked me because I've been complaining to my friends all the time for months now that my right shoulder is messed up and I had to go easy on training. And I was on my right side. You told me there's energy coming from this wall hitting your shoulder. And that might cause problems with my shoulder. And you asked me about my shoulder, but you had no context of any of this. And this completely shocked me. It shocked your analytical brain. Right. Exactly. So you opened me up to this. And I've been interested in geopathy before. And I looked into these things because it's an ancient art. And that's where we would maybe start. Please tell us what is geopathy and how or why is it lost in this modern world of ours? Well, you know, I'm not just a Feng Shui, an energy master. I'm also a dowsing master. So I encountered this information when I was 25 years old, when my father passed on and he passed on from stomach cancer. And after he passed on, my mother started having stomach issues. She was not sleeping in the same place, but she was sleeping in the same bed. And that's when I encountered a dowser that told me, well, it's possible there's a geopathic stress line over your mother's stomach, but was first, of course, over your father's stomach. And so she came in and checked out the bedroom of my parents. And so the line hit your shoulder. It hit the stomach of my father. So as my father, of course, lived there for 20 years, it really started accumulating. Of course, his diet was not OK and his well-being was not OK, but he was also sleeping above underground water. So there was an underground water line where he was sleeping on 20 years. And so as he then passed on, there was no body to absorb that energy anymore. So my mother was the body that that line hit after my father passed on. So it was now affecting her. And then I started looking at who lived before in this house. So we bought the house from a previous owner. And I found out that previous owner had the bed in the same place, slept on the same side of my father, and had also stomach cancer. But he actually did leave the house and sold it and recuperated from the stomach cancer while my father passed on from it. So that was for me the first, wow, there is some effect that we cannot always measure. But of course, you can measure it with some ancient tools like dowsing rods or pendulums. So there are some ways to do it, but it's an ancient technique. And so from that moment on, I was so interested in it. And but at the time, this woman said, well, you need to have a gift like that gift has passed on from generations to generations. And it's not passed on to you, so you can't know it. But I became aware of it. And from that moment on, every home I went in, I asked the dowser to check this out if we were not sleeping on such an underground water. So geopathic means it's means earth and pothos means sickness. Yeah. So it means the earth can make you sick. Now that tradition has been, I would say around for thousands of years, the druids were very aware of it. The masons that were building cathedrals, you know, in the Middle Ages were aware of it. The shamans were aware of it. Sometimes I think they probably did not even have the tools, but they could see the energy. The Chinese shamans and feng shui masters were aware of it. So I believe the Egyptians high priests were aware of it. So what they start looking for is to make sure that you would they would not put the cathedrals and they would not put the temples or the palaces of, you know, the emperors or the kings on geopathic stress. So they won't make sure that that area was geopathic stress free. The important people would be like kept. So the important people would be kept safe and they would have a longer life. And I want to bring in the one left brain insert here is I remember reading less than a year ago, actually, that I am going to butcher this study and this reference a bit, but researchers discovered in the brain and in the eyes some sort of let's I let's call it a protein. I don't know if it's a protein, but something that allows people to actually see electromagnetic fields and these magnetical fields. And they explained that this is likely something that we had the ability to use. Some people did, but it has been lost over time because it's not active in most people anymore. So just as birds see and navigate and feel the magnetic fields, humans actually had the same capability at some point. Well, I think perhaps we are not seeing it anymore, but I still believe that people feel it. And that, you know, like as a child, I could see the energy of a space and I would very consciously go and sit at certain areas or not. Yeah, even in my home. So the home that was, you know, really a lot of geopathic stress when then this woman was looking at where the geopathic stress was, there was always one spot in the living room that I would always sit. I felt like the energy when I looked at it was clearer, that was lighter. And she's like, well, it's interesting. That's the only place that is geopathic stress free. Yeah. Exactly. So subconscious feeling is something that we still might possess. We do. We still, some people, for example, what I see when I check this out in people's homes, like I was even talking to you about that, is that that area was of the bed was not good. And I said, intuitively, instinctively, people will try to avoid to sleep there. Yeah. So even my father, he tried to avoid to sleep there. So he would go to sleep as late as possible, like by three o'clock. And then moment my mother woke up at seven o'clock, he would roll over and go to her side. Yeah. So because it was like a better place because it was not hitting him so directly. Yeah. So I've seen each time I would say to people, look, I'm going to check where the geopathic stress is. And I had this one man and he had geopathic stress left of him, right from him, like along his body and over his bladder. And I said to him, I explained and said, you in the night, you don't want to move your arms. He said, my woman, my wife calls me the mummy because I sleep with my hands crossed over my hand, over my heart. And he said, every night I go six times, you know, to the, to pee. Right. And I said, let me cure this because there's certain cures that over the years have been found for that. And so I put the cures up and the next morning his wife was like, you have no idea for the first time we sleep here seven years, his arms were wide open. He didn't go to pee because the job at express is underground water. So when we sleep on it, our body doesn't feel in harmony. And we have seen that we have done some tests about it, that it's like your brain wave changes. So when people sleep on this vibration, they go into beta vibration, like your brain changes. And when you clear that and you're, you're really redirect is like repolarize the energy. You go into alpha within a few seconds. Yeah. And of course we showed that with muscle testing, but you know, we have done the test with encephalograms on people's head to see the difference. So you can actually measure the change in your brain waves. Now, if your brain changes, that means your frequency of your cells will change. So for example, you, with your shoulder, what happens is it was like hitting your sleeping there eight hours a day or night, whatever you were sleeping, but it, it really, the muscles start cramping up like a G hydrate. So the, the water of your body is pulled into that geopathic stress and that is water. So you pull the energy down and so it starts inflamed. And so I have had so many people that said, I spent thousands of dollars on things. I don't know what is going on. I can't move this. I have a problem. I can't heal this. And then we cure it. And then the healing process starts happening because you can have wonderful things that you're taking in and supplements and work on it and amazing healers, but you go to sleep again in the same spot that is sick making. Yeah. And that is where literally you wake up in the morning. Oh, my brain is so foggy. You go to sleep, your brain doesn't shut up because it's all the time in beta. And so when it hits your body somewhere, and especially when it hits several stress lines, it can be geopathic stress line, can also be interference of electricity, wifi. So we look at many things now, thousands of years ago, they didn't look at electricity. There was no electricity. They would only look at geopathic stress zones, but they also would look at the positive aspects of it. And positive aspects are what we would call lay lines. Yeah. The Chinese would call that dragon lines. Actually, they believe the dragons would fly over the late nights. I don't know about that one, but the whole point is that the ancient builders would look for this positive, I would call it almost meridians in frequency, like strong, positive magnetic lines. And that's in the crossing of, if the crossing is positive, like a crossing in a perfect harmony, that's where they would build cathedrals and temples, like Stonehenge, for example. I mean, why would people come to see some standing rocks? To be honest, it's interesting, but why do they want to be in it? When it's the summer solstice or the winter solstice, then it's open and you can go in it. And that's where then the druids for thousands of years celebrated their rituals. Or I'm sure here also where you live, there are pagan rituals at certain places, but it's because some people could see or could feel that there were positive lines there. And so the masons in the time of the cathedrals in the 11th, 12th, 13th century, like Chartres, the Notre Dame, in Paris, all these cathedrals were built on a crossing of positive lines. And also, for example, in China, the palaces of the emperors that would build on that, Versailles, is actually built on all positive ley lines, where literally the king would sit in his, you know, salon of mirrors, as they call it. That's where was a positive ley line crossing, because he would always go not into beta, but goes into alpha state. And when you're on such a positive vortex, you actually even go to theta and even into delta, awakened delta state. And so can you imagine when a decision-maker sits on such a positive energy, of course they will make better decisions and people will feel like they're more drawn to them, because they have a glow in their aura field, they have a strength in their mind. And so people will feel like more drawn and seen that person as a charismatic person, right? And so if that would be high priest or there would be priests or there would be, like think about Rome, for example, the Vatican, it's all built on ley lines. Yeah. So they had this information, but they kept it, the known, they kept that information to the sacred, yeah? They call it sacred. So secret in a way, that's the same thing, right? Like for the ones that were in power. So that information was not known, but still, you know, a lot of cities, whether it's the main cathedrals or where it's the open space, like the main square, the center of the square is a positive vortex. That's why then people would come there to sell their merchandise, right? Or they would put in the center of fountain, like in Italy, they would put fountains and people would always hang around the fountain, not just for the water, because when you have water on such a positive energy, your energy goes up. Yeah. The water is actually activated energetically. If you think about a motto, you know, the crystals of the water or on a higher frequency, when they drink that, they will have longer lives. There will be better immune systems for them, or they would, in other towns, they would put there the statues of their heroes, for example. So then the heroes would have a longer life or the legacy will be stronger. So if you, over the years, you know, studying all this and going all over the world, I've seen always these positive places that people thrive. Yeah. And when people are in a negative place, where there's a lot of underground water, that is where they are stuck. People get depressed, the immune system goes down. They have not such a strength towards what is going on in the world right now, even if they have an unhealthy home. So I don't find always in every home a positive vortex, but I almost find in every home a geopathic stress zone. Yeah. And if you sleep on it, that's where the problem occurs. So it's like, you really need to take care of your sleep. Like, sleep should be always your basis, right? It's like, where are you? Because you're the most inactive there. Like you're like vulnerable there. That's a good way of putting it. Because even if it's like somewhere here, right, you're walking over it. You know, you're not in it, like in a vulnerable position. Now, if it would be where you're sitting for eight hours on the desk, for example, it will influence you, but still less than when you're sleeping. Because you're in a different state, right? You're awake and you're standing up, you're going to the toilet, or you're moving more, right? But when you're like totally laying down on it. So that's even the Roman times. It's very interesting because the Roman, I would say, network of streets, yeah, that are still existing today, you know, that sometimes now highways are over it. Now you can walk over geopathic stress zones because there's water underground and you absorb it and you'll be less thirsty. It's very interesting because ants will walk over stress zones. Yeah, because they will follow the stress zone. So where ants are coming in, don't sleep on it. Because they absorb that water and they are much more active. But they would never build their nest on it because that's where they would sleep. Do they know why they walk on it? Because we always perceive ants as like the most hardworking animals, right? Yes, because when you walk over geopathic stress zone, you actually absorb the water. So you hydrate yourself. And when you sleep on it, you dehydrate. So what happened is the Roman soldiers or the legions that were walking, they would walk over these lines and they would have less need for water, but they would never build a camp on it. They would always make sure the camp was a mile or a kilometer away from this because they knew and then they always had druids with them because they enslaved druids. That's what they did. And they made sure then it was a positive place and they would build a fire on the positive vortex because then everything at night, they would restore their energy. Or they built the main tent of the legion commander on the positive vortex and then they would sleep around the positive vortex so they would reenergize themselves. So druids were literally not doing that freely. So they were enslaved by the Roman empire to look for the best spots for the camps to be built. That's fascinating. Do you happen to know in any case if all Roman legions had it or certain ones? Because I remember I now started reading up on history and I know Caesar marched faster than anyone else. He always moved faster and he always pushed his men harder. Well Caesar is the first emperor that started using and enslaved the druids because he actually came to the north of France, to Britannia and that's where he and actually in the first place. So as long as the emperor stayed in Greece or trying to invade the areas around the Mediterranean, they were not aware of it. But Caesar went up north to Germany, to France, to Belgium where I'm from. Those were the most terrifying savages to the Romans as well. Well you know you have to kind of tell that your enemy is a savage and then your glory is even bigger. But he also mentioned somewhere that the Belgians, because I'm Belgian, were the most brave tribe he ever encountered. Not savage but brave. Circling back to the for the viewers sake just quickly. You mentioned dowsing before but let's define the term. What is dowsing? What does it do and how do you cure this geopathic stress? What are the cures exactly? So dowsing is actually checking out electromagnetic fields and so over the years they have seen that there are certain woods like willow wood that can pick up water. But to get all the frequencies they have seen over the years using copper is actually very good to tune in to the energy. And so dowsers who is actually you know I would say to describe it is to find out where there are disturbances. It's an energy system to find out where there's disturbances in your energy field of your home of bodies also because you can douse for the body. You can do that in person in a place but you also can do it on maps. For example finding on maps where there's water or where there's you know a lot of petrochemical companies use it to find where the oils are, where even diamonds are, where gold mines are. I mean they use that in many fields. But let's focus on the home. So this is actually the dowsing rod. So this is made out of copper and we see that we can move the energy. So we have to ask questions. So it's almost like telepathically connecting in with your rods and you ask questions. So there's a part that is movable but you're holding and so you're connecting in with the aura field. It's always based on the energy field of something. So I can actually literally ask is Miriam a woman and it will open up. Is Miriam a man? It doesn't move. So you can say well you moved it. Well I can move what is on top, the long part, because it's the short part that I hold in my hands. So there's questions you can ask for it. Now over the years of course in the beginning they told me I don't have the gift and I couldn't figure it out. But then I found a dowsing master in America that said no everybody can do it. It's just the way you train your brain yeah and how you focus with your brain. And so he trained me in how to do this and I was so impressed with that. I was like okay I need to teach that to all my Feng Shui students. How long did it take you? It actually takes I have a course online the time in dowsing course and it takes you literally eight sessions of an hour to learn this. It's just how you and it's all also focusing your brain. So I teach people through visualization and through meditation to bring your brain in first of all you need to bring it into an alpha state. If you're in beta state it doesn't move, it doesn't open up. So the second thing is that it's like almost I call it like acupuncture. So I look at where are issues in the house and like the geopatheic stress zone that comes in somewhere. There's always a direction. It's like water has a direction. Now unless you have an aqua field and you're living on an aqua field like for example you're living at a lake. Now that lake is still but we think only the water where we see is there but there's always the lake is still beyond the underground water. So it's possible we are there but then we still have to look at where is the frequency the negative energy coming in and then we're actually using dowsing sticks. These are like acupuncture points. These are very interesting. It's a certain length. So the cures we have even the rods they have the length of what we call the qubit. It's an Egyptian length but it's actually the L. It means it's as long as the connection between the elbow and the top of your if you hold your hands up the top of your middle finger. So that's called the qubit. Now the Egyptians have understood that the length of copper can hold an activation. So that length was also used for example the director of philharmonic concert. He has a baton and that's an exact length. It resonates with the music. This length is also used by the sceptre of a king. So they put on crystals on it or diamonds on it so it actually vibrates. So that is a length and literally even the king or England or the previous queen she would wave with her hand but she would wave not when you do that. So that length and put in copper you will see that they're all different colors. We actually with alchemy activated this copper so that when you put cures out then it repolarizes. So it's actually the energy cannot come in anymore. The water is still there but the frequency is repolarized and for a certain amount of meters it actually will stop. It's actually a mile long that the energy stops. So if you work on somebody's home literally the homes next to it are also benefiting. You're welcome neighbors. Yeah we've seen this once. We had this array of like old houses and we worked on one house and they had a lot of health issues there and as we did that other people started improving their health. That's incredible. Right because you can move the energy. It's like frequency returning the energy going back a certain direction. Yeah but can somebody in a sense that we now fixed the energy of our neighbors and house can somebody upstairs do something to reverse this accidentally? Well the thing is you need to always cure it on the lowest level of a house. So for example in your house we cured it on the lowest level right so it means the the level above it and above and above and above they all get actually supported by that. I have seen in for example apartment buildings if it's not cured is that the person that lives the highest is the most affected. Yeah you can say well it's the furthest away from the water but because in concrete yeah concrete buildings and wooden buildings is better but in concrete buildings there's there's literally iron in it and that iron it becomes a container to bring that negative energy up. So the the worst place to be in is actually literally on the highest floor. So the penthouses are the worst. Yeah that's also this most disconnected from the earth's magnetic field from yes in the sense that the earthing or grounding. Yes they are not earthed at all yeah and so when I go and see you know my top clients they they have apartments in penthouses and you know that's you know they are more likely than to find a way to ground them and that can be alcohol can be drugs you know partying like they're trying to find something to ground themselves and it's very interesting once we have cured that they like they see a reverse in their mindset reverse in their mood but also they feel like oh they are less likely to go for the negative aspects of grounding. So this is to dowsing my idea when I finally knew how to do that I was like I want to dowser in every family and so it's amazing because we have 300 000 students online but we have millions of houses that have been doused because they go once they do it they go to their family they go to every place that they know they share that and the thing is once you you use the acupuncture cures but you you can take the acupuncture cures again with you and reuse it. And can anyone make their own cures? Well I always say to people you know these are specially activated because some people don't know the exact length of course you can say well I cut it and then you put it there but you need to put it with a certain intention yeah so we have seen in the beginning we said to people okay you just take the cures and cut it but then we saw that did not have the same level of results yeah because we put you know it's like almost like you think about water you can bless water yeah and the water becomes better right but we actually do a special activation with the cures and it's it's hours of work we have people doing this you know I train them in how to change that and they see the results are much stronger much deeper so what we say to people just it's really not expensive for getting your cures like for a house like a hundred dollars so it's not very expensive to to do that so we kept the prices very reasonable because we want as much people to learn this. So let's say when I learn dowsing I don't know if I maybe I'm gonna answer my own question but I don't know if I would trust myself with this like is it me doing it or am I actually feeling something or is it just the intuition and I have to trust the intuition of what's going on and how these things move? Well I have worked with very left-brained people and I just want to point out I myself from background a lawyer so I would consider myself quite left-brained but also in harmony with my right brain. I like to think that as well about myself. I think so too and so I have had scientists I have even a nuclear scientist that uses this for his work you know it has nothing to do with your left and right brain but what we're doing in the visualization and in the exercise we bring your left and right brain in harmony together because you're actually using two rods yeah and the left hand is connected with your right brain and your right rod does not connect with your left brain so they both need to be in harmony to have the best results. So I like that you have a very strong left brain to be honest because one rod will work already. So I would say no it's not a problem whatsoever it's just a way to learn a technique you don't have to see the energy you know I have you know real estate people using that I think quite left brain also you know I have people that from all levels all backgrounds and it's just you need to know how to use it and once you know how to use it it works and we teach people online in eight hours and it's just so amazing but the great thing is that the energy of your home shifts yeah and let's say we wanted to talk also about mold for example right so at a certain point in in my life everything was feng shui everything was doused and I had been gone for two months out of my home and I came back and the energy field because you can measure energy like I can literally ask is the energy positive if it's positive it starts going in a clockwise if it's negative it goes the other way yeah so I was like my house was positive very high energy I come back I've gone for two months traveling and so you check it every time you come back I check it every time because you know something could have changed like could be extra wi-fi could I always say check it every few months because you know especially if you're in an apartment building could be something somebody does something else correct or for example you live close to water or you live in the mountains especially in the spring there's more underground water coming from the top of the mountain so check it that's why people learn it I don't have to come to your home I have no time for that so I train you in this right so I checked I was like oh my god it's so negative it's so negative and so because there was a leak in the house yeah so it was not from underground it was from above right and I checked out I was like oh and I started feeling really sick you know and I was not knowing where it was and I was like I found where there was a leak and I you know I was renting the space and I was like to the owner there's a leak there and he said no I can't find anything so he didn't believe me right but of course because it was not underground I could not really put a cure up yes the leak visible or no it was not visible it was really in the in the wall right and but I tried to not be in that place it was in my walk-in closet but that's next to my bedroom and my clothes are in there right so it was like my clothes were full of molds probably right is the mold was you know it's worse they just they're just going everywhere and so I was getting more and more tired and I was like but my dowsing was okay my function was okay so I knew I did all from what I knew right but I never had experienced black mold in my life yeah because I lived in Belgium before and there you know houses are made out of bricks bricks yeah so it's it's better you know mold is not going so quickly in bricks but in in wooden houses living in California it spreads like crazy yeah and there's the issue that we had in Portugal as well because Estonians know how to do proper hydro insulation and we know about rising damp and all these things and the Portuguese traditionally they had houses well somebody else described them as barns because there was wind constantly blowing through and there was like they were not insulated yeah and now they well they're basically building construction methods 10 years behind of the eastern european part yes because they have no need to do this and now they want these fancier insulated houses with double plain gas and all these things and they vacuum seal their houses and lock all the moisture in and that's why it's such a difference yeah yeah and also the the new builds are notorious for mold because they don't let the dry walls dry properly and then the moisture traps inside yeah as well that's the problem with mold is if you have a big enough mold issue people are asking us to create courses or knowledge knowledge products on how to deal with mold in your house how to remove mold how to protect yourself from mold we can do to protect yourself from mold but once you have big patch of mold once you have infestation in your house there is no cure for this you just have to move out and that's exactly what I experienced and you told me as well when I told you about our problem in Portugal with mold you said that yes I can change the way the water goes or like the energy of the water yeah but not the mold not the mold no so if the mold would come from the ground I can change it but for me it came from the ceiling yeah so this is not geopathic stress it was like leaking from above but what about something like we had sprinkles sprinkles in in Portugal so that's what was causing what so it was not actually on the ground yeah but that is something we can change frequency for sure but still the pores will continue spreading yeah yeah right so you will feel because you can sometimes come in the house and it feels moldy we can change the energy of it the smell disappears very interesting when we douse but the pores cannot stop spreading yeah that's funky right and we know this biochemist very very smart and fascinating person from South Africa and he told us something that I had never heard about it before that electromagnetic fields affect spores and mold growth and enhance mold growth and I was just last week we were I was interviewing another biochemist and a chemical engineer and I asked him the same thing not on podcast but off camera and he said yeah that's absolutely a thing that electromagnetic fields affect fungi and mold and spores yeah so you know another thing that what I experienced at a time was like it came to my voice box so my my voice was affected and I had to go and speak in Mexico for 15 000 people and I had no voice anymore yeah thank god it was a translator so she could hear my whispering and everybody could hear it in their cell phone in their headphones but when I came back I was like this is that's when they really found it was black mold in my voice box and so literally I had to move out for three months because they had to you know do the remediation but ultimately we decided to leave that house because it was like once it's really it's really hard to change it but it's interesting about electromagnetic field so because with dowsing we can change electromagnetic fields to come into the house to protect you and from that moment on I went back to my master dowser and he had created very special energy rings and then also made out of copper so I started then implementing and putting some next level into the rings and so we have what we call quantum energy rings so what we do in that case we ask people to sleep on such a ring and then your body is definitely more protected from electromagnetic fields yeah so even if there's mold at least you have the energy ring to protect you from the electromagnetic fields and your mold will less affect you so I have since then I always have my energy ring with me when I'm travel so because I don't know where I'm traveling you know if there's mold I cannot I can do the dowsing but I cannot check out if there's mold somewhere right yeah what about natural materials like jute or lamp skin wool yeah and to have them under your bed and things like this it it does affect you in a positive sense I you know I have I don't use that because I'm allergic to wool so I can't use them so I use you know these are Egyptian traditions that I'm you know old Egyptian traditions I'm using we also have a bracelet that people wear especially made out of copper again it's the length of the copper the width of the arm the width of the ring and people do feel that they are more I would say stronger reacting in a positive sense protecting themselves from mold from electromagnetic fields and so on so there are some things for sure that that you can do to improve but you know mold is something I think at this point they have not really found a perfect solution yet for it and even the the remediation they are often so harsh that people should not be staying around like for months after the remediation is done because the chemicals are so yeah and that's why ultimately even if they restored the house you know I and as long as I lived in California I always made sure that before I moved into a house that there was a test done to the house and that should actually be standard and I had recently a woman a very dear friend of mine and she became sick all the time and I said to her you have mold in the house please check it out of course there was mold in the house but it also even if it's not affecting you right away I do believe it can affect you sometimes you know 10s or 20 years from now and it's quite interesting the house she has has you know been lived in by some very famous Hollywood stars and you know I mean she knows who has lived there and if you look at them now they all have serious serious health issues even issues with Alzheimer's and you know other brain problems and I don't know I cannot prove that but I'm thinking you know perhaps that it makes sense because as if you change your environment then you have new symptoms pop up after the change environment then most likely your symptoms are associated with the change in your environment and even our audio engineer who is going to be editing this podcast he was editing our videos on mold and after that he realized that the place he's living in has mold because he had a lot of health issues going on so he moved out and now he's way better he's healing yeah I do believe it would be good for it should be actually almost like automatically what you do when you move into a place check out do a test before you sign a contract especially when you buy a house right if you rent a house perhaps you can you know leave it sooner but you just look it up check it out it's um you know it's standard now for me to always check it out yeah I think renting is quite difficult because a lot of countries have such a tight market that the competition for new rental apartments is really high so you have to act fast so there's often probably like no time for I know and that's why then I say to people you know at least douse your place you know so that you know if there's if the mold comes from underground you will be definitely in a better place get an energy ring so that you sleep already will be better you won't be affected by the radiations of the electromagnetic field I mean there are other cures out there for that too so because you know as you were saying about the electromagnetic field it's actually the mold came into our house exactly where the cabinet was where the electricity panel was so it's I'm sure it's spread even faster yeah do you turn your wi-fi off at night um I do yes yeah I do it's a great practice yeah we do as well and you saw our house it's like because the second floor or the the basic the first floor of what you call it even it's basement yeah and there is almost like no no wi-fi we don't get like neighbors stone that we have there so I don't know how the name of the stone is in English but it's stone and it's by gibi and this stone does not let electromagnetic fields radiation cross through at all it's okay beautiful yeah so even if our wi-fi is on like I wouldn't be able to like watch Netflix or something like stream from when I'm in bed so well we one of the things that we created a smaller ring to put over the wi-fi system also because sometimes you cannot take it off you know it's not always possible for everybody also because they are you know somebody is using it and working at night or something so we put a ring around it and people see that there's a less of effect negative effect of it you mentioned that when before moving in somewhere before buying or renting a home you should check it from old but what else do you do yes so for me of course I look at feng shui right so as a feng shui master that's very important to look at you know how the house is right because feng shui is actually another energy system right it's a system created by the the Chinese where they understood you know how the flow of energy is it's like feng shui is like to a home what acupuncture what qigong tai chi is to the body yeah or Chinese medicines are so always looking for what to activate to make sure there's more flow because the word feng shui means wind and water yeah and so first of all I always look you know for example I came to your house when you come out of your house you have a lot of space yeah so you have some stairs but then you have 10 meters outside that you can walk like we call that your energy can fly out can open up yeah so you don't want to come out somewhere there's immediately a wall right that's kind of a negative your chi chi means energy is held back but then it's also inside the house right it's not just your location I mean we have what we call landscape feng shui where do you where do you build your house how is it affecting you and so on but you also have to look inside the house yeah and that is actually something you can look from a personal perspective so based on your birthday and your birth gender there's a an energy number an energy archetype that we find and that's between one and nine and you can actually find it out by going to the free merry diamond app that is both for iphones and for android phones available and you put in your and so literally you go to the app and um I don't know if I've done that for you I did it myself okay what's your number I do not remember the number okay well let me check this out but I remember putting my desk in almost my success it's within the range of my success direction so may I know your birthday 17th of December 1991 December 1991 okay 1991 so you are male born and you calculate it yeah and so the calculations your number nine the healer healer yeah the healer so it's interesting you know that you have a show about healing right so and that you first had to go through a health crisis exactly yeah to get to that point yeah so um so your success direction so you have four directions success health relationship and wisdom your success is east yeah and east stands for everything to do with um you know healing with um family family is very important to you um but healing is your major aspect healing on all levels yeah and that perhaps is sometimes healing the technical problems from somebody you know so you would then have literally the energy number nine would show up for you I have five you're my mate you're eight right and then you will get a compass yeah so the compass is literally showing four directions yeah and there are directions that are not positive for you and directions that are positive for you this is the compass so this is based on my number right so you would have a different compass yeah so the success direction is where you want to play something and activate something for your success and money so for you that would be the so you will also have a relationship direction that's indicated in pink that's where you would put a picture of you and your darling wife and you know with your family and perhaps your team picture right so it's almost like you're activating energy but also the direction you're looking at yeah so right now I'm kind of looking at wisdom for me that's great because wisdom is when I'm looking at the direction thank you for that we specially turned the table yes but the interesting thing is that there's a first rule always when you work and that is you always have to sit yourself up that you see the door yeah when you see the door you literally see the people coming in even if you're working online it means that you would walk through the door you would not walk through a window you would not walk through the wall so if you have your desk facing the wall you're actually stopping the energy of coming towards you like nobody can sit on the other side let's say there would be a wall between us right we could not have a communication we could not have a conversation with each other right so that's the same thing like think about you need to have a conversation with your clients so if you're sitting towards a wall you're hitting a wall you don't attract all the people that you could attract think about kings queens ceos think about the president of the united states I mean they're sitting in such a way they can see the doors yeah and especially the door that most people would use not the door of the bathroom that's not so interesting right and so when you do that we have seen that your brain waves also change your brain wave will go into a alpha brain wave and when you're in alpha you think about the future you're positive you're creative you're energetic you go and connect with your frontal cortex and we have done tests and we see the within three seconds three seconds literally your brain wave spikes up to alpha and stays in alpha when you're facing the door yeah and for me the question is as well it's not a question but I remember Robert Green writing in his book 48 laws of power it's like if you want to feel more powerful you should sit with your back to the window because the back light and the darker front will give a sense of power to the person that you want to have power over and all these things and reading that book I don't remember if it was in the book or if I'm just feeling this way but I remember from somewhere if I sit my back towards the door I feel more vulnerable it's like I don't feel safe because anyone could sneak up on me correct these things yes but what if my desk like my success success direction is that way but the door is there so the priority is always the door yeah that's always a priority because it's part of our primitive instincts yeah so think about if you be a primitive man and you would live in a cave and you know that a dinosaur I don't know if they lived at the same time but let's say the lion would sneak in yeah if you would be on the fire you would make sure you see the entrance of the cave yeah because you would then be able to jump up and protect your family yeah so that's the same thing you always want to see the door that's the first thing the second thing is you want to see and sometimes that's not possible that you can face one of your good directions so you go back to the app yeah and there are four directions that do work for you and four that don't yeah so the four that don't work if you face that direction your brain will go more into beta but the fact that you're looking at the door you will still get to alpha yeah so the the energy is strong enough and then in that space activate the directions hang the right things around you yeah so sometimes we put things around us that have no meaning yeah it's like is this your business like we actually you want to tell the story of your office this morning so I love hats yeah and I thought that that my I thought I knew my success direction so I had my standing desk over there but you also told me that I'm just like next to the door so I'm like a receptionist yeah so that's one thing but also in the corner I have my selection or collection of my beautiful hats hanging and she's like and Marie Marie came over and she's like are you selling hats yeah because what is in your success direction is what you bring to the world yes yeah so hey if you would do a hat collection you would be very successful yeah I always love your hats by the way thank you yeah so I'm always like oh a new hat right but the whole thing is it's like a portal of energy between you your home and the universe yeah so I always say your home is like a three-dimensional vision board like I've been in the secret law of attraction is very important to me but we think it's only our mind attracts only how we eat what we how we live our life that attracts our life but our home is our first place where we live yeah if that is not aligned with what we desire what we work for that all affects us and that can be the plants yeah we talked about plants I had a I had a there's a big palm which has very sharp leaves yes and you said basically there are knives and they have to the plant has to go must be moved yeah because it was too close to your desk yeah so we also actually had a plant with all spiky leaves behind me so we moved it away because it's actually in my energy field yeah so you can put these plants out but make sure there's nobody sitting around it nobody's sleeping around it so it doesn't affect them yeah and I also remember sorry to jump in that you advise people not to have plants in the bedroom correct right yeah I remember you you said it's yeah because you know a lot of people say well but some plants you know are oxygen giving some plants are not yeah but I say yes but the problem is at night you don't want to have a connection with nature it's very interesting what I'm saying now but at night you don't want to think I'm awake yeah so when you have plants around you you're actually subconsciously thinking I am sleeping in nature yeah when you're sleeping in nature you won't feel that safe because you're like in open air now even in open air you would have a tent now you would not bring the trees in your tent yeah so you want to kind of make it calmer and especially also green is not a good color for your bedroom because again you think subconsciously I'm in nature I have to be awake so people have a lot of green and plants around that they don't sleep that deeply and they don't sleep that well yeah so bring that to the spaces where you live during the day your living room your office so places your kitchen like you're moving there that's great bring nature in there that's fine but colors do affect you another color I try to avoid in bedrooms are red yeah because red is an element of fire and so people have a harder time to fall asleep or they don't sleep so deeply because subconsciously it's too hot yeah it's like would you sleep with the full sun on you yeah you could sleep but you will burn right energetically so the same with blue yeah if you have too much blue around you in a bedroom you'll have like subconsciously the water element around you and water again you won't sleep when there's water around you you will think you will drown so people are drowning emotionally sometimes yeah so that's one of the things that you can change and I also remember just one more thing about the bedrooms I remember you telling different stories about your clients when they had I think it was like statues of lions or something next to the bed or something like that and then and then also like paintings that are very strong and very you know there's like animals on them or or if you're single and you have a you have a painting with a single person on it that's also like projecting something well just think everything around you your subconscious mind sees it as a reality I mean sports people you know they always will run their sports marathon or sprint in their mind to train their muscles and they have seen you know physically the muscles react even if you visualize it in your mind yeah they have the same reactions so think about that you're sleeping and your subconscious mind sees this lion now how do you think you will sleep do you think you can sleep with lions I don't want to try that one you know but also if you have an image that is chaotic yeah or like I had this woman and she had an image I mean she's a very well-known woman she had bought a painting of a single woman but all distorted from Picasso above her headboard before she goes to sleep but as she see a distorted woman you know do you think she attracted a man in her life because she tells constantly I'm single and I'm distorted and she's like Marie I have the wildest dreams here yeah like very strange dreams said let's move this I mean it's a Picasso great move it into your living room that if people see your own this you know but make sure it's not in one of your good directions yeah because literally that will affect your health or it will affect your your wisdom or your success of course if you're selling Picasso paintings hey put it in your success direction great so so many times people are not aware that everything around them is affecting them non-stop 24 hours a day like eight hours when you're sleep in your bedroom eight hours in your office eight hours in your living room it all affects you yeah and so if people feel they don't want to spend time in a space I always say check what is there yeah perhaps it's just telling a total different story than what you desire in your life yeah and one good lesson also that I love from this is that you don't have to go and throw things away like start throwing things away you have to move them around right so you wouldn't put me to throw heads away but it's my we actually found out that it's my relationship direction so now I'm going to take the heads down and I'm going to put pictures of of us like family pictures in there yes so no but you know it could be that you feel inspired by your hats yeah and when you're inspired by your hats you put them in your wisdom direction but you have four directions that are empty for you that means whatever you place there it doesn't but I was asking this from Miriam before there is a mess of cables there where the camera equipment is yeah and in a situation like this in an office this is a set we have lights we have a lot of cables around yeah and we keep the set built but what does Feng Shui think about cables and cabling if it's for work purposes well I always say try to hide them as much as you can yeah so that you don't trip over it because that would be bad fun yeah bad for the cameras as well and bad for the camera right so you know sometimes it's it's what it is yeah but the thing is you don't always look down yeah so you have to think you look at least on the level of the heart and the and the head yeah so that's why when you come in you don't look down on all these things yeah so make sure then there are beautiful things on the wall so that your focus doesn't go to the cables but goes to what is around interesting yeah so I think we're coming up on time here yes so but I want to maybe give like a quick quick tip of like how people what can people do like after they listen to this conversation so the first thing I would definitely recommend is go and download your app yes that's fine and there's a lot of free information in there and of course you sure they can upgrade to the higher level to have even a whole year Feng Shui courses on it that's the first thing find out what you can do in your home right away yeah and try to see I think the one thing that I did well before we moved into this house is I did check whether our bedroom could whether we could put the bed in a way that wouldn't interfere with our sleep so there was obviously there was a lot to improve when you came over but I wouldn't have I wouldn't have known that but at least I knew that the beds beds are in a correct direction that it that it can be because that's important also the direction you're sleeping and the way you position your bed you know you want to be in a power position so when you wake up you see the door so you did that perfectly yeah and one advice that I'm going to give people because that that's what you get you told me and that helped me to or I actually believe that I met Andri because of all the and let's quickly tell that story yeah so the you told me you asked me because I've been single for for a long time when when we were when we met and you asked me it's like how is it where's your bed like does it have like you can can it be accessed from both sides and in fact my bed was to the it was on the wall in the corner yes to the wall because there was just no space in that bedroom and then you asked me also is there space for in your closet for another person to come in and put his clothes I'm like no is there a space in your bathroom bathroom cabinet right I was like no so I was making I was making space and and I think in fact like few months later then I met Andri beautiful I actually moved out of that apartment because there was just no way that I was renting so I and I just wanted to change anyway but there was no way I could move the somewhere it was like it was and then in the new place you made sure there was space on the left and the right side of the bed yeah because then you know I would say how can this person come into your bed I mean he has to crawl over you right so make sure there's always a nightstand or some space left and right of your bed because then you create space for that person to come and love you right make sure there's space in the cabinet space in the you know the the closets but even sometimes in a dining room I had people they only had one chair at their dining room yes I started by I I bought I remember I bought more cups and stuff because I had one cup yeah because people sometimes have only enough for one person yeah and I said hey you want a loved one coming in you want friends coming in you know make sure that you you you're ready for it literally that's making your space ready for it yeah and you know put some beautiful things around you in your bedroom you know even above your headboard put something loving not a single person but like two hearts or the word love or something I had the rose quartz rose quartz yeah well you did well you attracted a beautiful amazing man in your life thank you yeah okay perfect thank you so much it's been a pleasure having you on our podcast here it's been great pleasure meeting you thank you I've heard a lot about you from Miriam before but finally face to face had a lot of fun thank you for all your advice and help with our home and to all the listeners thanks for your works yeah yeah yeah thank you so much for having me and I'm so excited to to yeah continue sharing this information with the world thank you perfect thank you so much